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my baby girl, was conceived after 3 boys, all thanks to you - Michal.

Dina from Australia, 2024

Hi Michal,

Just wanted to write to say thank you so much. I am currently a few days away from being 23 weeks pregnant.
We are expecting a baby girl and can't believe it. I followed your advice and conceived on the 1st or 2nd of December.
Thank you again and again,

Bob fron USA, 2023

My wife insisted on trying and now I know - always listen to your wife...

M. from Germany, 2023

Many thanks for making our dream come true with a baby boy.

Kim from USA, 2023

what a feeling...

Now we have a prince after 2 princesses.

MFS from Israel, 2022

I am so thrilled! Keep making dreams come true.

Michelle from USA, 2022

In the begining, I was skeptical but it was worth it after I dicovered I carry a baby girl.

R. from USA, 2021

Hi Michal,
I just got out from the ultrasound and it is truly a girl as expected.

Shiri from Israel, 2021

You can add another success case to your statistics...

Sophie from North America, 2020

Just wanted to update you I am 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.
Obviously, Your instructions helped us. it was worth the wait.

Hanna from Canada, 2020

Just to update you, I got pregnant after our last correspondence and I just gave birth to a baby girl.
Thanks for your help.

S. from USA, 2019

We just found out we are having a girl ! She is due in February !
Thank you very much for your help and support !

Nicole from Australia, 2019

Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. 
My little man is amazing. He completed my heart and is just the sweetest, most placid little prince. 6 years on and I still can’t get enough cuddles and kisses from him. 
I think of you often and am so grateful to you for helping me complete my heart! Your an amazing human being. XX thank you again for making a family complete

Judy from United States of America, 2018

The outcome is amazing. I appreciate all your help.

Nazia from United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, 2017

I have two princesses and finally got my prince. Michal helped me achieve
my beautiful baby boy. Michal told me I qualified for the ECM and could
help me achieve my dream, when I heard this I was over the moon. At first
it was hard to believe that anything like this would be possible.
Her success rate is definitely above 90%. I was given straight forward
simple instructions to follow. Which I did follow and got my baby boy.
I would like to say thank you for all your support in answering all my
queries and helping me achieve my baby boy. I couldn't have done it with
out your help. Thank you once again. Hopefully after couple of years I
will be contacting you again to help me achieve another baby boy. Highly
recommended to those people that have same sex children and want the
opposite sex. This is your chance to complete your family with a little
prince or little princess.

Karen from Unites states of America, 2016

Charming Michal, I do not have enough words to thank you God gave you a great gift that is to help people thank you for your support, listening, great attitude, and understanding. I highly recommend practicing ECM with Michal. There are many people who are interested in pre-determining the gender of a child and desire to experience parenthood for both sexes, for us it was a big help. God willing you will always be successful like you did with my family.

Anonymous from Australia, August 2016

 Michal, Thank you for helping us to complete our family as we dreamed and this was only achieved with your help you are Gem and I can guarantee if anyone follow your direction they will succeed...

Eva from Australia, February 2016

Dear Michal, there aren't enough words to thank you. God gave you a great gift to help other people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support, understanding and personal attention. I highly recommend your services. There are people for whom having both genders is beyond just the desire to experience parenting both genders and you can be huge help. May God help you always succeed.

Anna from Australia, January 2016

 Hi Michal, Just to let you know! Our baby was born yesterday and we are please to announce that we had a baby girl. We are over the moon and we would like to thank you for your advice. Many Thanks Anna

Talia from Unites states of America, July 2015

 After 2 girls Michal helped me conceive a boy. I followed her instructions and she always got back to me with answers to my questions. I am still in shock that the Dr confirmed it's a boy in the ultrasound. I am telling all of my friends to use Michal if they want to choose the sex of their baby in a natural non invasive manner.

Judy from United Kingdom of Great Britain, 2015

We were DELIGHTED when our longed for bundle of pink arrived . Thank you

Ebele from United Kingdom of Great Britain, September 2015

Hi My dear, l thank God for using you to help mothers, I had my baby girl. I want to thank you for all your time. I want to try again. thanks

Julia from France, 2015

Chere Michal, J'יtais sceptique au dיpart, mais apres que plusieurs de mes amis m'aient recommandי de prendre contact avec vous, j'ai dיcidי d'appliquer vos mיthodes, qui je le reconnais ont יtי fructueuses !

Ch. Michal, I was skeptical at first, but after several of my friends had
recommended that I contact you, I decided to apply your methods, which I
acknowledge have been fruitful!

Nav from Canada, April 2015

 Hi Michal! Just wanted to update you . We had a beautiful healthy baby boy on Feb 19/2015! He is amazing and his big sister and us are so in love with him-Thanks so much for everything !

Susanne from Europe, 2014

Michal, thanks for helping us making our dream come true!! After 3 beautiful girls I give birth to a healthy BOY!!!!

Q. from United States of America, 2014

 Hi Michal, Happy New Year! You method worked! We are having a boy! Thank you very much for your help!

Anonymous from Holland, 2014

It's great to find an expert who can explain things so well

Lisa from Israel, December 2014

 well- it's working :-) after 2 boys we visited michal and got her tips... and now we are expecting a girl... sooooo happy- thank you

Sandy from Unites states of America, January 2013

Hi Michal, I want to thank you so much for making my wish come true I have 2 boys and wanted a baby girl I found you and try your method and it work I'm 18 weeks pregnant of a baby girl I feel so happy thank you Michal and Thank god for giving you that special method of yours ;) my sister is happy to try your method after knowing my results thank you thank you God bless you and your family

Private from Australia, May 2013

Hi Michael, I want to thank you very much as with your method and after two beautiful princesses, I now have my handsome little prince. Thanks so much again :)

Gvantsa from Canada, July 2013

Hello Michal, I have great news for you. I had ultra - sound done and I just found out that I have a little healthy boy. I feel great too and do not have any problems this time. My Husband and I, we are so excited to have little boy after two beautiful princesses. I want to tell you huge THANK YOU for all of your support and help. I wish you God Bless you and your family and have everything good in your life. We are so happy now and hope that everything will end well for us and I will give a birth little healthy prince without any problem. Thank you so much again Michal for everything and hope you will make other couple as happy as we are now. Thanks and have a great life! Gvantsa

Anat from Unites states of America, 2012

Dear Michal. Thanks to you our wish came true. When I heard about you and your method I was very skeptical,but my husband was the one to convince me to give it a try, and I wanted to get pregnant. We always thought that we have nothing lose. The process was fast. Right after I was found qualified to the ECM, we started consultation with Michal. Michal was kind and patient with every mail and most important she delivered her promise. Now we have a beautiful baby boy as we wanted. Anat Phoenix Arizona

Lisa from United States of America, September 2012

Hello again I cannot believe I forgot to message you after my ultrasound... They say it gunna be a GIRL! Yay! I have been talking about you and your method nonstop and actually have two friends that are considering another child to get a girl as well... So I hope you keep doing this for a long time because I definitely will want to use this method for another girl as well years down the road. Thanks again and if she is born a girl for sure I will be thanking you again while crying with happiness :-)

Ron from Belgium, July 2012

 Thanks for helping us complete our family and bring some pink into our lives.

Ravi from United States of America, 2011

Michal, thank you for making our our dream to have a daughter after two sons come true.

Ella from Israel, August 2011

We are so happy to have a girl after 2 extremely beautiful sons, the exact natural way to have a child as you wish. Michal is very nice and accessible, thank you!

Galit from Israel, 2011

The doctor said I have a girl in the ultra-sound but you insisted I have a boy and off course you were right.

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