How the Egg Cycle Method (ECM) works

The proven “Egg Cycle Method” (ECM) relies on a woman’s egg deciding a baby’s gender – not a man’s sperm – to determine the gender of a baby. ECM has proven that the egg chooses whether the sperm with the male chromosome (y) or the female chromosome (X) will fertilize it.

As an expert practitioner of the ECM, I combine science with other factors such as a woman’s menstrual cycle and previous pregnancy history to determine the gender of the baby.

I will instruct you when to try to conceive according to the data. It’s that simple. There’s no diet, posture, frequency of sex, separating of sperm, etc. needed. It’s really all about timing.

The next steps:

1. Fill out this short FREE questionnaire and submit it to me. You need to answer honestly in order to determine if this natural method will work for you.

2. Once I receive your information, I will run a test using the ECM to determine if you’re suitable for this all-natural method based on previous pregnancies. In a small percentage of women, the egg cycle is not able to be identified thus the Egg Cycle Method may not work to predict a baby’s gender. I advise all potential clients in advance if there is a greater than 90% likely effective rate based on answers to the free questionnaire.

3. I will let you know if you’re suitable. Note, Approximately 25% of women are not able to rely on ECM because of their menstrual cycle and other factors. Once you sign up for ECM counseling, I will provide you with dates of when you should try to conceive a baby of the desired gender. I will continue to provide counseling until you conceive and if you do not conceive the first month, we will work together to recalculate new dates to try to conceive for the following month. Remember, you need to be patient since not all women conceive immediately. However, as long as you don’t have any underlying fertility complications, the data shows most women get pregnant within a few months.

4. If you’re a suitable candidate for the Egg Cycle Method, the cost of my counseling service is $549 which includes counseling until you are pregnant.

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