Natural Way to Predetermine Baby’s Sex

Rebecca M Gruber

“Now you can try for a girl!” Those were the first words out of a friends’ mouth after I gave birth to my second baby boy. Though I was taken aback at the time, I’ve come to expect it. I’ve been stopped by strangers on the street who seem to think I need to add a baby of the opposite gender to my brood in order for it to be complete. And it appears that I’m not alone.

Earlier this year, while appearing on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno asked a then-pregnant Jennifer Garner if hubby Ben Affleck was hoping for a boy this time. She responded, “At first I really thought so.” But she added that he told her, “Well, we have girls. We know how to do girls; my girls love me. I’m the big guy in the house.” That all changed on Monday when the couple welcomed lil Samuel to the family.

While most parents are simply happy to have a healthy child in their arms, there are countless myths about influencing the sex of a child, and science even allows parents to undergo procedures to predetermine a baby’s gender. For those who wish to try for a baby of certain sex without medical intervention, the Egg Cycle Method is one way to do so. I spoke with Michal Naim, founder of Girl or Boy 4 U and an expert on the method, to see how and why it works.

LilSugar: What is the Egg Cycle Method?
Michal Naim: Egg Cycle Method (ECM) is a natural method that can be implemented to predetermine the gender of a child. It does not rely on diet or positions during intercourse, rather ECM focuses on the woman’s body cycle and the time period in a woman’s cycle that her egg receives and fertilizes an X or Y sperm.

LS: How does it work?
MN: The membrane surrounding a human egg emits ions, giving off an electrical charge. This charge attracts either the X or Y sperm during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This attraction changes from cycle to cycle. It is important for a woman looking to have a specific gender to conceive during the cycle in which her ovum will attract the appropriate chromosome. One cycle the egg might “accept” an X sperm, another cycle it might “accept” a Y sperm. I help women identify which cycle is the cycle that her egg will accept the gender of her choice and advise her on conceiving during that particular cycle.

LS: Are their limitations to ECM? Is every woman compatible with it?
MN: There are some limitations to ECM, dependent on each woman and her personal cycle. Not every woman qualifies for the ECM — actually one out of four women do not qualify for the method because I cannot map or read her cycle based on the previous pregnancies’ information. Women with irregular menstrual cycles and women without previous pregnancies have lower chances to qualify or to be as successful.

LS: What is the probability of it working?
MN: Of the qualified women that follow my instructions, I have around a 90 percent success rate.

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