Parenting Pointers: Gender Selection with ECM

I was intrigued when I heard about the Egg Cycle Method of natural selection. I had the opportunity to have some questions answered about this method.

1. I’ve never heard of the Egg Cycle Method. How widespread is it? There is a long history of ECM practitioners in the ancient Galilee, Israel region. In fact, this formula was passed along to me by my ancestors. My grandmother practiced ECM, alternating genders with each of her eight children. Today the method is widespread around the world with customers from North America, Australia, Norway, UK, and the Middle East region.

2. What makes someone a “qualifying candidate?” A candidate qualifies based on their menstrual cycle and any previous pregnancies. Approximately 75% of women ARE able to rely on ECM. Based on her data and any previous pregnancies, I map and read the woman’s Egg Cycle and Body Cycle and can guide her individually based on this information. Only after I find and map the egg cycle can I assure the woman 90% certainty of having the gender she prefers.

3. Is ECM hard for people to use? No, it’s very easy with the correct information. I provide my clients with the exact dates they should try to conceive a baby of the desired gender. It is all natural with no medical interference.

4. What suggestions do you have for women who are hoping to be pregnant in the near future? Any tips on how they can better their chances of getting the gender of their choice?
Women who are hoping to be pregnant in the near future can find out their qualification for ECM if they fill out a short questionnaire on Michal’s website at

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