About the method

Q: What is this method based on?
A: My proven method relies on the brief overview that when a woman ovulates an egg, the egg is the one that decides if the sperm with the Y chromosome (boy) or the sperm with the X chromosome (girl) will fertilize the egg. Using my method and the results that I get from all the information I gathered from you, you will be given dates when you can conceive in order to get the desired gender.
Q: What are the success rates?
A: The success rates are very high (above 90%).
Q: Is this method successful on every woman?
A: In most cases this method is successful. But there are exceptions. Keep in mind that I do not use any lab tests or any other external intervention. In order to increase your success rate I check all the data I gather from you at no cost in order to see if you are suitable for this method.

Menstrual Cycle

Q: Is it possible to do this if I do not know the dates of my last three menstrual cycles?
A: Yes, I can weigh only by last menstrual cycle but it is preferred to have all three menstrual cycle dates.
Q: Since I saw I need last three menstrual dates, I need to know whether menstrual dates with birth control are sufficient or do I need three menstrual dates without using any birth control device?
A: It is preferred to have three menstrual dates while not using any birth control device. However it is enough to have one menstrual cycle without birth control device in order to calculate and determine.
Q: My last two menstrual cycles were consistent and were on the 20th of each month. Do I have to wait for another menstrual cycle so I can conceive using your method?
A: If your menstrual cycle is regular there is no need to wait for a third menstrual cycle date. My method can be based on one menstrual cycle date if you have a regular menstruation.
Q: Is it O.K if last month I got my menstrual cycle on the 20th and this month I got it on the 19th?
A: Actually regular menstrual cycle is between 25-28 days, so it is normal to have it two days earlier or two days later in the date compared to last month.
Q: Do you need the exact dates of my last menstrual cycle in my previous pregnancies?
A: If you do not remember the exact dates of your last menstrual cycle of your previous pregnancies I use the date that you gave birth and in what week of the pregnancy you gave birth.

Payment & Counseling Service

Q: How much does the consultation cost? A: The consultation costs $549 until the woman gets pregnant which can take up to a year in some cases.

Other Questions

Q: How can I communicate with you?
A: You can communicate with me by email, phone, and WA.
Q: What happens in case we do not succeed?
A: For women who fit the method, the success rate is over 90%, as long as you follow Michal’s advice on when to conceive. However, in the rare case that you don’t get the gender you selected, we have a money back guarantee policy.
Q: What is the best way to communicate with you?
A: The best way to communicate with me is by email. What you need to do is log in with your user name and you can send me a question, you can update me if you received your menstrual cycle and any other concerns you might have. If you’d prefer, you can also talk with my assistants or with me. The number for the USA is 646-257-3836. If you are new, you need to log in as a new user: from there you can email me through the Personal Message Board (PMB).
Q: I am planning my first pregnancy. Is this method relevant for the first pregnancy as well?
A: Yes, This method is also relevant for first pregnancy. Since this is your first pregnancy, we expect a 72% success rate! The success ratio is over 90% when we can include previous pregnancies in the data.
Q: Does this method help getting pregnant with twins?
A: You can not plan to become pregnant with twins. In order to conceive twins you need external intervention which I do not believe in.
Q: How long does this process last?
A: When you will conceive all depends on your body’s fertility.
Q:Why did I not receive the welcome/confirmation email from Michal
Please check your spam folder. It’s probably waiting for you there.
A:This depends on the data I receive from you such as: last three menstrual cycle dates, your date of birth, the last menstrual cycle date of your previous pregnancies and other information. All of this information is gathered and calculated in my method to give the dates of when you should try to conceive to get the desired gender of your child.

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