Selecting Your Baby’s Gender?

The Egg Cycle Method

MYFOXNY.COM – Michal Naim, a gender selection expert and mother of four, maps her clients’ egg cycle based on their birth date and previous pregnancies. She calls it the egg cycle method and says her grandmother passed it down.

“Let her know which cycle, this is the cycle for her to try to conceive during this time that the egg will attract the gender that she wants,” she says.

The ideal candidate is someone who already has children. The process costs around $350. She Naim says she has a 90 percent success rate with almost one thousand clients.

But some in the medical community say those successes may be coincidental.

“There is no proof that the egg chooses the sperm,” says Dr. Avner Hershlag of North Shore-LIJ. “It actually is a real dialogue between the sperm and the egg before fertilization occurs.”

Dr. Hershlag is the chief of the center for reproduction at North Shore-LIJ. He says he knows of a foolproof way, more scientific way of guaranteeing a gender: a popular procedure called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD.

“Where you actually take an embryo and remove one cell from the embryo, and through a technique called FISH — simply painting chromosomes with a fluorescent color, we can tell the boys from the girls,” Dr. Hershlag says.

The embryos are then implanted into the mommies to be. That process costs about $10,000.
Still, Naim says stands by her method, which she says is natural and cost-effective.
“I’m not playing God, I’m not interrupting nature,” she says.

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